AFA Response Time Reduction Resolution Before Council Tomorrow  - 5 Critical New Fire Stations Needed Immediately

Dear  Brother and Sister firefighters,

Tomorrow is a great milestone for the AFA Response Time Reduction Project. This project, if embraced by City Council, will direct City Staff each budget year, to prepare a plan and timeline to build the top five needed fire stations.  This plan will be submitted to the City Council in open session each year and will provide the Council a data driven tool to reach informed decisions on new fire station location and construction timing.   

Click here to view the proposed resolution

The proposed resolution above was unanimously recommended for adoption by the COA Public Safety Committee on March 7th, 2016.  

For a good overview of the issues and the solutions contained within the proposed resolution, please watch the March 4th Public Safety Commission AFA/AFD presentation: (audio poor at beginning but quickly gets better)
 Click here for presentation PowerPoint contained in the presentation video.
For more information on this exciting new AFA initiative see email (below)  sent to Council asking for their support.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to the entire 10-1 Council for their support and especially Coucilmember Delia Garza for her sponsorship on this resolution, 
Bob Nicks
President, Austin Firefighters Association