The Voices of Travis County women who were the victims of sexual assault or harassment Will be heard! The Austin Firefighters Association NeedS your help to amplify this project.

In February of this year the Austin Firefighters Association membership overwhelmingly passed the following resolution:

“19-1: Move that the AFA will educate the public on DA Moore's failure to prosecute sexual harassment and assault cases, evidenced in part by the experience of Sister Kelly Gall.  The AFA will research other candidates that the AFA can support for the upcoming 2020 Travis County District Attorney election.” 

To help fulfill this resolution the Austin Firefighters Association (AFA) has decided to produce several professionally made videos about Travis County women who were the victims of sexual assault or harassment and feel mistreated by the very system in which they were expecting to receive justice and support.

Our hope is to saturate Travis County with these videos on all social media platforms.

To ensure wide and frequent distribution of these videos, we need your help! Please contribute to the Austin Firefighters Public Safety Fund by clicking on the DONATE button below. All contributions will go toward the making and distributing of the videos and NOT to any candidate of the upcoming Travis County District Attorney election.

By clicking the DONATE button I confirm:

  • I am at least 18 years old.

  • I am not a foreign national.

  • I am not a federal contractor.

  • The funds used to make my contribution are not funds of another person or entity.



Elishea Smith, surviving wife of Lt. Smith

Mrs. Smith Speaks FOR Cancer Bill at Texas Capitol to Committee on Urban Affairs.  Mrs. Smith Speaks on issues faced by the family while battling cancer, and how the "Cancer Bill" would help surviving families during their hardships.