The Austin Firefighters are asking for your support on the Council agenda item 9 proposed resolution coming before Council on Thursday the 24th.  This resolution contains a plan to reduce deficient emergency response times, which exist throughout the City of Austin. Click here to view the proposed resolution for agenda item 9 as well as the posted backup materials.

The Public Safety Commission, at their March 4th meeting, made a unanimous recommendation to Council to support the proposed emergency response time reduction resolution. For a good overview of the issues and the solutions contained within the proposed resolution, please watch the March 4th Public Safety Commission AFA/AFD presentation: (audio poor at beginning but quickly gets better) - Click here for presentation PowerPoint contained in the presentation video.

Here are other important resource materials referred to within the Public Safety Commission March 4th presentation and/or the proposed:

2015 Emergency Response Time Standards of Coverage Map

2016 Risk and Service Delivery Analysis map

History of the AFA/ AFD collaboration on the risk and service delivery analysis

Establishing a plan going forward to reduce emergency response time deficiencies is immediately needed given  that even under the most pessimistic projections — if some sort of plague and economic slump were to take hold in the region — the Austin area's population will still grow by more than 30 percent over the next 15 years, a report from the Urban Institute shows