By Noelle Newton

FOX 7 News

Council will meet in executive session (Thursday February 27) to approved this (consent) decree. It will then be presented to a federal judge for approval.

The president of the Austin Firefighter Association says he's only begun to look over previously suppressed information involving the discrimination issue.

Bob Nicks says he feels the city is to blame for the 2012 hiring process in which he says the human resource department cut the test short by 30 minutes.

He says, while not perfect, the 2013 test produced the most diverse class AFD has ever had with 13 women, 13 African-Americans and 26 Hispanics in the top 100.

He wants to be involved in the council's decision to make sure the best firefighters are selected.

"If they anchor to a position next Thursday before the deal is actually cut and then we have information that shows there's a better way of doing it, it's difficult to un-anchor themselves form a position they voted on the week before it would be much better to put it off and work together. That's what we're suggesting," Nicks said.

The department is 60 firefighters short, but Nicks says that is not a "crisis" situation. He says many shifts are running with extra people on units. He just wants the city to wait one month. There is a selected class currently ready for hire. As soon as this is settled, they will have jobs.

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